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    This is the music and ambient soundscapes I made for the game "Fade". Since this game was a student assignment there is a really big chance it will never be released. I did the music, ambient stuff and the sound design. The sound design isn't in here, just the music and ambiences. I've decided to upload this to get my name (portfolio) out there. It's free, hope you like it :).

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He everyone
Here is the music I made for a video game called "Fade". It was a project made by students from the Game Production Uni (Saxion in the Netherlands) so it will probably never be released. But, since I'm just starting out and want to share my portfolio I thought about releasing the music and ambiences I did for this game. This "album" contains 2 songs (Darkcloud and Loading Room) the rest is all ambient work I made.

About Fade
Fade was a first person horror game. It was based on a main character that suddenly wakes up in another reality. He doesn't know what's happening he only knows he needs to get out and/or wake up. During his struggle to accomplish this he is haunted as well as aided by a really weird angel-like figure. Haunted, weird and all alone! Needless to say, the audio was really based on ambient to make it even more creepy.

About the tracks

This is the title track to the game.

-Loading Room
This was the track you heard if you stept into a room that basically told you some background info about the game whilst the next level was loading.

ambient for the ballroom level

ambient for the cellar level

ambient for the library level

ambient for the maze level.


released November 16, 2015




Tanooki Almelo, Netherlands

Tanooki is a one man company that creates (coded) audio and music for games. The founder/owner of Tanooki is George-Paul Henneberke who studied guitar at the Rock Academy in Tilburg (The Netherlands) with composition and engineering as his learning routes.
Tanooki is available for one man jobs or joining a team to create awesome games :). www.tanooki.nl
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